KIKS TYO – Boks-Kun T-Shirt

By - January 19th, 2010

KIKS TYO   Boks Kun T Shirt”>KIKS TYO have gotten together with sneaker customizer and artist”>JOR or formally known as JOR One. JOR has worked his character design to suit the KIKS TYO brand by using a well known sneaker box as a basis of the Boks-Kun (which roughly translates as Boks-Boy in Japanese) character. The Boks-Kun character is also used at the store front of KIKS TYO store in Tokyo with a gleaming gold fronts in a crooked smile. The gold teeth is matched by gold fonts used for the brand name on the shirts. Black or white body t-shirts are available with the character printed on the front.

KIKS TYO   Boks Kun T Shirt”>

KIKS TYO   Boks Kun T Shirt