Levi’s Japan – Red Tab Original Water Repellent Collection

By - January 28th, 2010


Levi’s is undoubtedly one of the brands that made jeans famous world wide and made people fall in love with denim. Now Levi’s Japan is pushing the perception of denim by adding some technical aspects to the Red Tab Original collection. Water Repellent collection is a collection that have a special water resistance treatment on the surface of the denim in order to stay dry. It is a common technology seen on outdoor materials however this could prove to be useful for those who ride a motorcycle, bicycle or partake in any other outdoor activities. Each piece also can be packed away in a small carry pouch as well focusing on its functionality and portability. On the denim pants, there are also zippers on the 3/4 length to transform it into shorter length making it a versatile item for camping or all season wear. These are currently available at Levi’s Japan online store.






This is a good look!! U can definitely freak this fit!!