Nike Sportswear - London Destroyer Jacket

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Having already launched a New York and Tokyo version of the Destroyer Jacket, Nike Sportswear went to another cultural creative capital of the world, London, to release it's next Destroyer Jacket. While the New York and Tokyo jackets featured   Blue and Yellow color hit respectively, London's version of Nike Sportswear's Varsity Jacket, the Destroyer Jacket, uses a hint of Red. The Destroyer Jacket itself is one of the pinnacle apparel pieces to come from Nike Sportswear combining the best of sports heritage with some of today's newest innovations, such as the laser-cut, waterproof, bonded zipper detailing that's used on the jacket. Nike Sportswear put together a "London Team" to represent the new Destroyer Jacket, the team is composed of eight members whose attitude and irreverence is reflective of London today. They come from various fields including sports, music, art, and fashion, but they all have one thing in common and that's the "unmistakably London Attitude". Members of the London Team include, Actress, Atalanta Weller, Dominic Waldouck, Eric Underwood, Fabien Ruzelnicki, Harry Malt, Sara El Dabi, Tinie Tempah and Loren Platt via: Dazed Digital