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By - February 4th, 2010

reebok zigtech Reebok ZigTech

The Super Bowl is consistently the most popular tv event each year, and MTV’s Jersey Shore was a smash hit in its winter run.   Put ‘em together and you get the most explosive marketing combination imaginable for the possibly-revolutionary Reebok ZigTech. We say possibly, because Nike Free is similar, and somewhat popular, but not on the level of, say, Max Air.   Then again, there has never been a more popular inflatable shoe than the Reebok Pump, so it could go either way.

What’s clear from these images is that we’re dealing with a design that is completely new, visually.   Basically, the upper is resting on a zig-zag cushion.   It’s shape means you get some weight taken out of the ‘missing’ parts, plus it is extremely flexible, almost barefoot-like.   Throw in the dope black and red colourway and these are sure to be among the most talked about topics at next Monday’s water cooler.   The Jersey Shore guys were probably a bit cheaper to secure, but you can’t rival the exposure that $2.6 million gets you with 30 Super seconds.


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Additional Images: Kinstor

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reebok is definitely makin a comeback, easytone and now this zig...very creative and different, especially for reebok...wonder if there will be zig tv commercials like they had easytone on tv, we'll see

CityLife Card
CityLife Card

wow....not sure what direction reebok is aiming for but this is very questionable....keep it simple guys....just hire alife to handle all of your creative.