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Taking a trip down the memory lane paved with tennis balls, LACOSTE has revisited its heritage and created a new collection of footwear inspired by an old wooden LACOSTE tennis racquet found in its archives. The Vintage Tennis collection pays homage to the label's legacy in tennis with four different models, the D'Arblay VR, the Dot VR, the Europa VR and the Indiana Hi VR. The Dot and Indiana Hi are heritage styles from the 80s where the former was created as an indoor court shoe. The clean white D'Arblay with an off-white toe and contrast brown lining and heel is a recent heritage inspired style, much like the Europa VR which is similar in aesthetics to the D'Arblay plus different brown accents.

The earthy colors used in this collection of shoes come from different parts of the racquet, some are derived from the stem and others are from the leather handle wrap. The collection is created in a premium mix of materials such as dress leather, suede and mesh. The Vintage Tennis Pack will be dropping in stores such as Sportie LA and Addict in Miami in March. Check out the pictures and the cool Vintage Tennis video created as a part of the campaign for the pack. This season, everything old is new again and one doesn't have to be a tennis prodigy to be able to enjoy the collection!