Kris Van Assche – Fall/Winter 2010 – Footwear Collection

By - February 10th, 2010

Kris Van Assche   Fall/Winter 2010   Footwear Collection

While Kris Van Assche’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection takes an interesting play at proportions with a felt attempt to tread the fine line between volume and restrain, the footwear collection for the coming season reflects that delicate measured balance between sophistication and rugged toughness. Looking in detail, the materials and colorways used such as matte leather and crepe soles expresses respected masculinity, but on the other hand, layered leather straps, concealing zipper tongue and wrap around ankle laces paired with hidden lace plackets speak for the other vibe– a somber, Weimar-esque subtlety and stoicism. The high top sneaker boots are quite the culminating footwear of choice for the grown-up, poised rocker whose untamed stage persona exists in a dichotomous relationship with a gentlemanly wanderlust. Aside from two standout high-top sneakers with ankle wrapping details (resembling some pairs spotted in the Spring/Summer 2010 Dior Homme sneaker collection), there are slouchy boots and classic hi-top boots with buckle details. For those seeking just a slight touch of variation to sneakers, there are low-top and high-top models with contrasting leather cut out panels layered over the suede upper and held together in a deliberate haphazard manner by laces. As usual, the designer’s works venture on the dark side with monochromes and an occasional grey, promising that the sneakers will survive far beyond the changing trends of colors, living up to the sartorial dictum that black will always be the new black.   images via: My MANy Bags

Kris Van Assche   Fall/Winter 2010   Footwear Collection





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