Billionaire Boys Club + Ice Cream - February 2010 | Weekend Releases

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For those who have been checking, wondering and coveting Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream's Spring/Summer 2010 releases since they debuted at the end of last year, the collection has been slowly arriving in deliveries at stores. For this weekend in February, some of the coolest item in the pack are finally available at the NYC store for those residing on the stateside. From BBC, the standout Diamond&Dollar Striped Denim Blazer in a wonderful navy and white print of diamonds and dollar signs arranged in stripes (topped off with a dandy-ish flower adorning the lapel) that is daring yet easy to wear will be perfect for the cheeky gentleman who isn't afraid to stand out and doesn't take himself too seriously. As for those who are looking for a new twist on the usual playful BBC aesthetcis, the Digital Camo Field Jacket is a nice spring topper over tees and denim, and a Flannel Vintage Baseball Jersey lets you enjoy the classic American sports piece without having to declare MBL loyalty. As for items from Ice Cream, the label's popular and iconic denim with bright daring graphics come with fun graphic tees and accessories. The items will be made available throughout this weekend starting from today, so for those who are in town and would like to pick up something, there's no better time to check out the store.

Release Dates: February 12th (Friday) - February 14th (Sunday)