ALL GONE 2009 – Reed Space Release Party Recap

By - February 14th, 2010

ALL GONE 2009   Reed Space Release Party Recap

Its fast becoming an annual event as Michael Dupouy and his fellow Parisian troupe of trendsetters, including music producer Busy P, artist SO-ME, and Colette’s Sarah descend into New York during the Fashion Week season for the New York launch of All Gone, the unofficial annal of urban culture and desirables that are no longer available.   Marking   the release event this year is none other than the Reed Space storefront in Lower East Side and its consummate founder, Jeff Staple.   Guests from near, included Eric Haze, Todd James, and far, such as Japanese Hip-Hop artist Verbal, crowded into the space for an opportunity to congratulate Michael and his La MJC team mates for another success.   The gathering also served as a place of “catch-up” for old friends and colleagues.   The All Gone 2009 is available now at Reed Space as well as other selected boutiques world wide.   However, like the subjects it covered, once the book is sold out, its all gone…

Reed Space
151 Orchard Street | Map
New York, NY 10002

ALL GONE 2009   Reed Space Release Party Recap





DJ Soul at the turntable

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