Gemballa – MIG-U1 | Modified Ferrari Enzo Super Car

By - February 16th, 2010

Gemballa   MIG U1 | Modified Ferrari Enzo Super Car

For the last 27 years, automobile tinker Uwe Gemballa and the firm he established, Gemballa, been advancing the proud engineering heritage of Porsche further with his modified exotic “beast” (i.e. a twin-turbo variant of the Porsche Carrera GT Supercar).   More recently, innovator took on a brand new challenge, to enhance the another exotic super car, the Ferrari Enzo, and pushing the envelope of performance once again.

Not just simple modified Ferrai Enzo, but completely re-engineered, the Gemballa MIG-U1 had its component swapped out for the lightweight carbon fiber.   A customized aerodynamic kit along with a new brake cooling housing means driver could max out in speed with the reassurance that he (or her) is still in control of the vehicle.   Like a true “bespoke” super car, all elements both inside and out of the car are tailored to the owner’s specific needs and/or desires.   The result is a 700-hp monstrosity that could easily blow out the competition.   Unfortunately, because the amount of work needed on each edition, only 25 will be build with 10 colors to select from.

Gemballa   MIG U1 | Modified Ferrari Enzo Super Car








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