Native Shoes – Fall 2010 | Preview

By - February 22nd, 2010

Native Shoes   Fall 2010 | Preview

Curious about Crocs but like so many out there, don’t bode with the style? Native Shoes are here to quell the quest for comfort that Crocs promises with with classic, chic strides. Native shoes aims to provide “relaxed, flexible and active-footwear for anybody, anywhere, any time” and this is achieved through 100% EVA. EVA is an environmentally amphibious material which allows shoes to mold and conform to its wearer’s feet while staying antimicrobial and odor resistant (hence, socks are obsolete). As such, Native shoes are snug, ultra-comfortable and suitable for climbing and hiking through all terrain. For Fall 2010, the label adopts the classic Chuck Taylor low-top look (with a contrasting white toe cap) for its iconic ventilated shoes. The upper is laceless, signature of Native shoes, and comes in a wide selection of colors ranging from the classic black and white to brighter yellow and indigo shades. Slip into your shoes and forget about matching socks– cut your feet a break and put on easier shoes this season. Check out the Fall line-up and if you are feeling the label, its Spring 2010 collection are set to hit retailers soon.

Native Shoes   Fall 2010 | Preview