Nitraid – Jersey Tailored Jacket

By - February 23rd, 2010

Nitraid   Jersey Tailored Jacket
have started to explore into a more mature styles of late and this Jersey Tailored Jacket is a sign of things to come in the future. Even though this jacket is a tailored piece, it still maintains a lot of elements that can be appreciated by street fanatics. First up is the garment of choice which is using a CoolMax jersey material that is not used on suits often. However it does make perfect sense for this piece as it is made for good breathability and dries moisture fast. On top of that it is able to maintain body temperature within the jacket and is soft to touch and wear. Zipped details rather than authentic buttons reminds of mountain parka or windbreaker with zips used on the chest pocket and cuffs. Last detail that is a highlight is the Real City Camo that has been introduced this season and it makes way as inner lining for this jacket.

Nitraid   Jersey Tailored Jacket




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