MUGEN – 2010 Honda CR-Z – MUGEN Tuned Edition

By - February 26th, 2010


Mugen takes a cosmetic route with the new Honda CR-Z by improving its looks first before delving into the performance side of things. The exterior is uplifted by additional front and rear bumper extensions that reinforces an aggressive styling. Enlarged roof mounted wing is evident on the hatchback balancing out the car and providing aerodynamic improvements. Side skirts connect the aggressive lines and the LED daytime lights emphasize the front view. Several wheel designs are also prepared for the owners by introducing choice of 17 inch alloy wheels. Interior is also modified with extra gauges, carbon fiber mirrors, shift knob and floor mats. via: Mugen





Same as factory. Mugen has developed a supercharger that makes the car produce (in sport mod) 197hp, 182 torque (and still get 55mpg+ in econ! with a lower tune of course) But they have not annouced any plans to release at this moment. Currently if you go to your honda dealership you can pick up a crz for 19 plus 6 for the mugen kit!