FRESHJIVE – Spring 2010 | First Delivery

By - March 2nd, 2010

FRESHJIVE   Spring 2010 | First Delivery

Freshjive might have lost its logo, but it has definitely not lost its voice. In fact, without branding, it seems as if the quintessential label founded in 1989 by Rick Klotz to reflect his Californian lifestyle had garnered quite a ferocious opinion regarding the world. The label’s “World Problems” blog is its reaction against political and social injustice in the world as Freshjive sees it, and the Freshjive crew is not afraid to voice their thoughts out through provocative, albeit sometimes blunt and terse, designs.

Spring 2010 marks the first season of Freshjive’s branding overhaul. After 21 years of “exhausting the possibilities in the niche of street style”, Freshjive had decided to drop its logo from all products and marketing. Aside from the obvious void of branding (tags on shirts are now unadorned pieces of fabric with just the size and a blank where the logo used to be), Spring 2010 is also a transitional collection before the label’s hoodie and tee heritage sees an overhaul as well. Or in Freshjive’s own words, it is “the second to last season before the completion of its aesthetic mutation”. As such, this season is an eclectic mix of bright madras button downs and shorts worthy of an island vacation, and slogan tees that address particular social or political issues. To balance out the controversial tees which includes a previously reported Obama Hope Is Fading Tee, jeans are kept quite simple in solid color twill and seersucker shorts are fairly unadorned as well in light colors.

Alongside a fresh collection which is bridging the label between streetwear-as-we-used-to-know-it and a more sophisticated cut-and-sew with a new focus on tailoring, Freshjive has also launched its new site which is surprisingly simple in its monochrome color scheme and layout. Freshjive is definitely on to something here, and we cannot wait to see Fall/Winter 2010 which will be the season before Freshjive as we understand is completely stripped and revamped. Meanwhile, enjoy the part 1 of its Spring delivery and stay tuned for more!

FRESHJIVE   Spring 2010 | First Delivery





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