adidas Urban Art Guide | Hamburg

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There has been a longstanding debate in the art world regarding the dichotomy of showcasing street art in museum space and leaving them in their natural habitat. While adidas doesn't set out to resolve the debate, the sportswear giant does bring a new level of appreciation to urban art with the adidas Urban Art Guide.

Previously released for Berlin, the adidas Urban Art Guide is available as applications for the iPhone and Symbian mobile devices. It allows users to explore a city's urban art on their phones and highlights popular, important pieces hidden in nooks and crannies of the city—hallways, backyards, fences...

The user can search an area and take a guided tour to visit the art work and see the city from an entirely different perspective. This month, adidas Urban Art Guide is released for Hamburg and users can visit pieces such as interesting graffiti by quasikunst and Anne Pfirsich.

On an interactive note, if users discover new pieces, they can directly suggest the piece to Urban Art Guide editors through their mobile devices and have them marked specifically on the map to adapt to changing cityscapes and the volatile nature of urban art. Of course, other features such as commenting and sharing with friends are also enabled on the applications.

If you are in the city or will be visiting Hamburg, do check out the application and take a different guided tour of the city, take a stroll outdoors and enjoy a different setting for art appreciation.