The Cobra Snake x RVCA

By - March 8th, 2010

The Cobra Snake x RVCA

Photographers may be men behind lenses, but these days, many have transcended into a new dimension and are renowned personalities who are neither just determined by their images nor subjects. This is especially so for the renowned party photographer, The Cobra Snake who captures the hottest nightlife scenes on the international scale, and is often recognized by fans when he’s snapping away in a sea of glamorous, mingling bodies. His significance in the fashion scene is now further attested by a collaborative collection with action sports and lifestyle label, RVCA.

The collection features a line-up of tees, sweatshirt and accessories that embody the concept of a good time a la The Cobra Snake. Colorful, humorous tees with pop-graphics and a psychedelic, paint-splattered, tie-dyed sweatshirt gets one decadently ready to get down and party. Of course, a snapback hat and socks are party essentials (in prevention of sudden bad-hair moments and stinky feet) thoughtfully included in the line-up as well.

The capsule collection is now available exclusively in France at colette.

The Cobra Snake x RVCA