Honda CR-Z Hybrid – NOBLESSE Tuned Edition

By - March 10th, 2010

Honda CR Z Hybrid   NOBLESSE Tuned Edition

When the specs on the 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid were finally disclosed, fans were shocked. Not only the car would ONLY out perform a city bus with its 0-60 at 9.7 seconds. Its fuel efficiency is worst than a Toyota Prius, though the car is a 2-seater only. However, these setbacks haven’t dampened tuners enthusiasms. Similar to its predecessor, the CR-X, the CR-Z is rumored to be an ideal platform for customization. Aside from Honda‘s MUGEN subsidiary, other tuners & customizers have announced their own variant of the hybrid, including NOBLESSE of Japan. Though known more for its body kits, engineers at NOBLESSE tweaked several performance elements on their new CR-Z, including the shocks and springs. No words on how fast the car would go now but at least you have some bragging rights from its looks. Via: AutoBlog // Six Sylinders

Honda CR Z Hybrid   NOBLESSE Tuned Edition





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