Nike Vintage Vision

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Just in time for spring, for the longer days and brighter sun, Nike has released a series of shades that marries the best of both worlds—Nike's specialized technical features are now no stranger to stylish vintage shapes through Nike Vintage Vision. Spurred by European skiers and Hollywood icons such as Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, vintage shades that lend an old-world cool are now equipped with technical functions that fuse sports and style to a chic, macabre precision.

Nike Vintage Vision Vintage 72 lineup consists of colorways Havana, Nero and Gaillo and Nero. The Vintage 72 is inspired by 70s sunglasses styles and are recovered from archival models. They 72 shades come in different matte and tortoiseshell frames and are matched with different colored lenses. The shapes are reminiscent of roomier aviators but with retro plastic frames instead of metal ones a la Ray-Ban. Check out the shades and for Nike fans, these should be pitch perfect for the summer days.
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