UNDERCOVER – Fall/Winter 2010 “Avakareta Life”

By - March 10th, 2010

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Jun Takahashi’s UNDERCOVER is usually known for its out-of-the-world and somewhat avant-garde concepts when it comes to design. Minimalist, deconstructionist and always experimental with interesting fiction or stories (Spring/Summer 2010 is built around Dieter Rams and an unidentified mythical animal, “Grace”), it usually takes a keen eye and an extra dose of imagination to fully appreciate Takahashi’s work with UNDERCOVER. However, Fall/Winter 2010 takes a rather surprising turn for the label as everything returns to basics and is built upon the everyman.

Named “Avakareta Life”, Takahashi conceptualizes the collection with the average man running about town, going about his everyday chores—running errands, doing laundry, shopping for groceries and having a cup of joe at the neighborhood café…and so forth. The resulting collection is a line-up of extremely wearable pieces that possess a comforting familiarity that is casual as it is timeless (since it does transgress through trends and are applicable to the everyday). Meanwhile, as Takahashi continues to pursue the theme of “Less is more” from UNDERCOVER’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection, the added value of his collection comes from meticulous details that in tailoring and material. Military-style puffers are lined with shearling and car coats fused with blazer lapels are remixed in a very supple touch of fleece, then deconstructed with a cut-out patch to reveal a zipped chest pocket. Slouchy but fittingly tailored wool pants are reinforced in the knee, cotton trousers are remixed with ribbed cuffs and cargo cropped trousers are given a military touch with cargo-sized flap pockets. In terms of color palette, everything is kept earthy and minimal in khakis and greys, so everything within the collection can be mixed, matched and layered effortlessly.

Check out the look book shots which are meant to reflect the realities of everyday life with a sense of artistic exaggeration (models are documented going about their everyday activities in front of a photographic backdrop) and enjoy the collection that is perhaps one of Takahashi’s most conceptually accessible yet. via: Jun Takahashi

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