Nike “Brazil True Colors” Release Party Featuring NUNCA | Event Recap

By - March 12th, 2010

Nike Brazil True Colors Release Party Featuring NUNCA | Event Recap

One of the notable flurry of activities this week comes from the Nike 6 Collaborations with Brazilian artist, NUNCA. Aside from product releases and drops, Nike also commemorated the releases with a special launch party at Special in Milan.

A quick recap, the Nike 6 Collaboration is an extensive collaborative project between Nike and six different artists. Each artists comes from a different country and is called on to design a special team kit for his or her nation participating in this year’s FIFA World Cup, and Nunca proudly represents the five-time world champion, Brazil.

The “Brazil True Colors” release party held at Special isn’t just a night of browsing through fresh items, but also includes a special appearance and performance by Nunca. For the event, Special had been transformed from window to wall with Nunca’s artwork and special displays for the team kit. A green locker stand serenly in the window displaying the new Brazil team kit apparel and accessories while the window itself is dressed in the special font and icons designed by Nunca for the collaborative project. A large drawing of a Nike kick sprawls impressively from the wall to the ceiling. For the night of the party, tastemakers and fans gathered in Special, checked out the fresh confections and had their purchases autographed by Nunca. Enjoy the photographic recap of the event! via: FRESHNGOOD

Nike “Brazil True Colors’ Release Party with Nunca

Special Milano di P.ta Ticinese 80 | Map
Milan, Italy

Event Date: March 9th (Tuesday) | 7PM

Nike Brazil True Colors Release Party Featuring NUNCA | Event Recap






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