APPLEBUM – Vinyl Dot Outerwear

By - March 15th, 2010

APPLEBUM   Vinyl Dot Outerwear
Dot patterns have been a favorite amongst the street fashion brands and many have taken this pattern onto their products. APPLEBUM have introduced a new pattern for this season which is the Vinyl Dot pattern.

The pattern is based on the classic Hip Hop vinyl records printed all over the textile in a small yet linear way layout. From far the colorful dots just look like multi colored polka dots but up close, it reveals the details of a photo realistic vinyl. Two jacket styles,   Vinyl Dot Jersey and Vinyl Dot Zip Up Parka, have adopted this custom pattern and accented with black zips and details. Both items are currently available on APPLEBUM online store and dealers world wide.

APPLEBUM   Vinyl Dot Outerwear




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