BMW M Bike Unveiled

By - March 15th, 2010


For car aficionados who are uncompromising on luxury and power, BMW M class is one of the most coveted automobile which hits both spots with macabre precision. Taking on the spectacular combination of technology, design and characteristics of the M collection, the new BMW M bike is a bicycle personification of the speedy and luxurious M series.

Everything detail of the BMW M bike delivers unparalleled luxury. From the disc brakes to the elegant matt anthracite frame featuring the M logo and high quality leather fi’zi:k saddle, the limited edition bike is bound to win hearts and soles of urban riders everywhere. With the built-in Shimano SLX gear system which is ligh and sturdy and the Manitou Match suspension fork on the front wheel, the M bike promises a high total gear ratio transmission for astonishing speed and clean stop.

The luxury bike designed to embody the spirit of BMW M class, the freshly unveiled bike will be available starting in June at select BMW dealers and online at BMW Shop in extremely limited quantity.


Meh who cares if its BMW, its only running the same quality grupo and forks as other top of line bikes for about twice the price, i'd rather a top of the line trek or cannondale unless i was trying to make a status statement, which i guess it is designed for