Nike Sportswear x colette – Air Royalty Macarons “cooklette” | Event Recap

By - March 16th, 2010

Nike Sportswear x colette   Air Royalty Macarons cooklette | Event Recap

The newest place to wear your sneakers is not on your feet, not in your heart, but in your stomach. Perhaps one of the most creative and delicious sneaker launch events ever held in a while, colette and Nike Sportswear’s launch of the Nike Air Royalty Macaron pack takes the form of a culinary class, Nike Air Royalty Macaron “cooklette”, where participants are invited to design, decorate then eat their special Nike Air Royalty Macaron! Before one worries about how molded leather can be ingested, these special kicks that the participants are working with are not actual shoes but edible dopplegangers. As previously reported, the Nike Air Royalty Macaron pack are crafted from an interesting molded leather upper as opposed to the overlaying panels we are used to seeing, giving the shoes a slightly more seamless and three-dimensional shape. The colorways are extremely delectable with adorable names such as raspberry, pistachio and lemon. With a delicious base to work with, participants added icing and tiny macarons to their edible Air Royalty Macarons. Check out the event recap and creative concoctions of edible kicks. Just be warned that the following pictures might induce heavy salivation and sudden insatiable desire for sweets and perhaps an insane wish to take a bite out of your very own kicks. images via: cooklette

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