PHENOMENON – March 2010 | New Releases

By - March 17th, 2010

PHENOMENON   March 2010 | New Releases

March sees another delivery from PHENOMENON and a variety of outerwear, pants and accessories are taking up space on retail shelves. This drop consists of items that are less outlandish than other items of this collection with the Dungaree Shirts and Gloves highlighting the toned down aesthetic. Black and indigo colors are produced with wash treatment applied to it to give it a used feel while on the Dungaree Shirts, hem portion have been left loose with a knot drawing attention to the hem. Strap pants are another item that consist of unique cut accented by two straps that tighten up the lower silhouette. These are available in black, beige or khaki colors.

PHENOMENON   March 2010 | New Releasesdungaree-shirts-indigo-2




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