Public School NYC – Spring 2010 | Available Now

By - March 18th, 2010

Public School NYC   Spring 2010 | Available Now

When it comes down to surviving in the city, it’s often the small things that matter. Everyone can have a college degree, but not everyone has the right connections and even less has the street smarts to make it in the unforgiving space. Public School NYC doesn’t just have a name that resonates with the philosophy of acquiring skill sets necessary for making it in the city, but it understands the importance of attention to details. Even though Public School’s designs are never ostentatious, the amount of thought put into a single piece of garment is quite fascinating and formidable.

This is evident from the label’s freshly dropped Spring 2010 collection which is straightforward, black-and-white collection (pun not intended) but infused with so many details one can get lost by just looking at the pieces. Leather is a big proponent of the collection and are used either sparingly as adornment or liberally in forms of leather jackets. Button leather jackets spot an impressive panel of pleats and vertical zippers details break up the horizontal lines on the pleats to create depth. Button downs come with leather collars or leather snap chest pockets, and some leather jackets are tumbled for deliberate crinkles and others are remixed with an arching ribbed panel. Tees, hoodies and trench coats make up the other part of the leathery yet extremely wearable collection which is more sophisticated and measured than full-on biker. Honestly, think of throwing together James Dean’s Americana vagabond coolness with a tad of studied dandy-ism, this is probably the concoction one would get. The collection is available now at Public School NYC online store.

Public School NYC   Spring 2010 | Available Now






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