Mercedes-Benz – SLS AMG GT3 Race Car

By - March 25th, 2010

Mercedes Benz   SLS AMG GT3 Race Car

After the release of SLS AMG Official F1 safety car, there is another good news for Mercedes-Benz fans, photos have leaked of the up coming SLS AMG GT3 race car and if the photos are any indication, it will look stunning on the race track. Noticeably there are modifications to the body that improves the aerodynamics and increase cooling down of the engine and parts. Carbon fiber parts are a must for cars of this caliber aiding in weight loss and strength. Interior is kept minimal with roll cage, full bucket seats, digital display instruments and priority over performance rather than comfort. As for the performance of the vehicle, it is said to produce above 600 PS/441 KW/592 BHP. via: WCF

Mercedes Benz   SLS AMG GT3 Race Car





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