Freshness Week In Review – 3/22/2010 – 3/26/2010

By - March 27th, 2010

Freshness Week In Review   3/22/2010   3/26/2010

An eventful week for the House and the Senate, Obama’s health care reform has been voted, fixed and sent in for re-vote. While it’s been busy on the social and health care front, on a more light-hearted note, this is a week worthy of celebration for the Jordan fans. This week marks the release information and first looks into the upcoming spring and summer releases from the Jordan Brand, from April all the way through June (so one could budget accordingly in advance so as not to fall into horrid deficit). Still on the Nike home front, things are buzzing for the skateboarders as well. Some April releases have been pushed up and will be made available early, and a friendly skunk is now apart of the Nike SB family. Onward with the new releases, Supreme has released its brand new and surprising collaboration with the man best known for his shrunken suits–Thom Browne. However, Supreme is not the only one with collabs in the bag– New Era has worked with Tokidoki and Marvel to rework the formidable superheros in “kawaii” Tokidoki touches, taking the menacing level down quite a few notches. Adidas Originals by Originals kzk has released its Spring 2010 product catalogue look book with dissected the collection down to threads rather literally. Even though Kazuki Kuraishi was busy cutting things open, C.Williams and North Project were busy putting things together and gave us a Franken-sneaker– a moccasin with Nike Air Sole Unit. To close things off, photos of the Mercedes-Benz – SLS AMG GT3 Race Car have leaked for adrenaline junkies and speedsters to rejoice. And for those still worried about the health care reform bill? President Obama will be signing the legislation to fix his bill in Alexandria, VA next week.

C. Williams x Project North – Customize Moccasins with Nike Air Sole Unit

Freshness Week In Review   3/22/2010   3/26/2010

Customizer C. Williams couldn’t let his hands rest and he decided to rework moccasins with Nike Air Sole Unit (as seen on the Air Max 90, Air Max 1 These limited customized kicks are available at William’s retail outlet, Project North.

» C. Williams x Project-North – Customize Moccasins With Nike Air Sole Unit


Mercedes-Benz – SLS AMG GT3 Race Car


Prone to speed? Here’s something to rejoice about from Mercedes-Benz. Pictures of the SLS AMG GT3 Race Car has leaked. Enjoy!

» Mercedes-Benz – SLS AMG GT3 Race Car


Jordan Brand April/May/June Releases


Jordan fans are not over the excitement of BIN23 collection yet? If so, this week is joy overload for the Jordan lovers. Detailed looks into the upcoming releases from the Jumpman are now available.

» Jordan Brand – April 2010 Releases
» Jordan Brand – May 2010 Releases

» Jordan Brand – June 2010 Releases


Thom Browne x Supreme – Oxford Shirt Collection

A rather unexpected collaboration from Supreme, the NYC label has turned to menswear designer, Thom Browne, to create a collection of oxford shirts that are released this week. While there is nothing cropped or shrunken about these shirts, they are snug and tailored.

» Thom Browne x Supreme – Oxford Shirt Collection


Tokidoki x Marvel x New Era – 59FIFTY Fitted Caps


In Tokidoki’s world, superheros don’t have to look menacing to be formidable. Iron Man can still repel bullets like it’s a law of nature even if he’s slightly smaller, cuter, and seems cuddlier. And, you can wear him on a cap!

» Tokidoki x Marvel x New Era – 59FIFTY Fitted Caps

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