BOOJI Sneakers

By - March 31st, 2010

There are a few directions sneakers attempting to change the game can go these days– luxury and designer, ostentatious and loud or reviving the vintage. Sadly for girls, good sneakers that fall into either of those categories   (or break out of those boundaries) only appear on scene once in a blue moon, and BOOJI’s Miss MDot felt the same as well. It seems like Miss MDot has tweaked sneakers with innovative materials and looks previously seen on runways (ankle pouches have appeared on CHANEL’s runway a few seasons ago), and have achieved great results to that effect. The end product are refreshing, innovative, and quite frankly outside the (shoe) box. Think high top sneakers with bright tiger print mixed with hiking laces, herringbone slip-on low-top with an interesting overlaying lace placket panel…BOOJI sneakers are quite perfect for ladies who live loud and love color, and perhaps are searching for something a little more toned down than Jeremy Scott’s screaming oversized Trefoil. Check out the sneaker collection from BOOJI and if you ladies are feeling them, one of the latest silhouettes, the electric blue quilted high-top with an ankle pouch and logo lace jewel is now available for purchase online at colette!