Stussy Deluxe x Reyn Spooner | Preview

By - April 6th, 2010

stussy deluxe reyn spooner 02 570x533

This is a curious story of 2 visionaries. One was Reyn McCullough, a California transplant who saw the potential of Hawaii, then just a territory of United States (it became the 50th State in 1959) The other a resident on the Big Island, designer and retailer Ruth Spooner. With perseverance and ingenuity, the Reyn Spooner label was born.

Today, some 48 years later, the Reyn Spooner name is synonymous to Hawaiian shirts, especially the “reverse print”, a mimic of sun-bleached surfer wear that McCullough realized could be achieve by simply turning the pattern inside-out. And as its latest rendition, Stussy and Stussy Deluxe have adopted the iconic pattern for its latest collaborative project in Spring/Summer 2010. As Stussy Design Director, Nick Bower, stated, “There’s been a move toward American authentic, but the brands associated with that are usually East Coast or cold weather outdoor brands, I wanted to look at West Coast authentics.”

The collection encompassed t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, hats, along with a few unique accessories – a bag line made with PORTER of Japan and cork sandal by Tatami of Japan as well. Not to forget, the centerpiece of the collection, a Hawaiian Shirt. All are fashioned from an exclusive Reyn Spooner print created for Stussy. The Stussy Deluxe x Reyn Spooner Collection will be available soon at all Stussy chapters and its online store.

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