White Mountaineering – New Shorts

By - April 6th, 2010

Patchwork Shorts Yellow 570x603

Many shorts fans would be happy to see that White Mountaineering have produced two styles of shorts especially for this season. It is a brightly colored item that is using the key colors of this season yellow/gray and red/navy combination. With a little tighter silhouette, it can be worn with casual t-shirts, polo shirts or button down shirts.

The first style is the Patchwork Shorts which take three separately toned border patterned fabrics into one shorts as staggered design. Both of the key color combination make up this style of shorts. On the other hand the Jagged Shorts are mountain climbing inspired and is a knit shorts that sports original designs. Three patterns are constructed to accommodate mild to wild tastes.

Patchwork Shorts Red 570x760

Jaggered Shorts Yellow 570x760

Jaggered Shorts Navy 570x760

Jaggered Shorts Red 2 570x760

Jaggered Shorts Red 570x760

Jaggered Shorts Navy 2 570x760