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In the past decade, a surge of alternative travel guides such as Wallpaper City Guides and the later, Louis Vuitton Travel Guides, pointed to a change in traveling habits. Gone were the days of touristy sightseeing a la Frommer's and trotting across the globe are more discerning travelers determined to experience the country from an insider's perspective. Leica takes the modern traveler's desire to immerse to the next level and create a microsite dedicated to showcasing cities around the world through a local insider's eyes. The Leica Camera Team enlisted the help of several authors living around the globe and equipped them with the same Leica Camera to document their city from through their lenses. The authors ventures off the beaten path in both their home towns and on their travels, and brings us something deeper and beyond the dollar post card imagery. The pictures are presented in tags on the world map in manner of a dated photo log. So sit back, and take a trip around the globe with the Leica.