Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer NYC Stickball Tournament | 21 Mercer Mercenaries Vs. DonDidIt

By - April 8th, 2010

On appearance, its similarities to baseball misconstrue the added dimensions to the game of stickball the very streetscape it is play on. The collection of walls, windowsills, protruded fire escapes, and Corinthian cast iron columns serve as both “friend” and “adversary” to players. Whereas a bounce equates to a run, a ricochet few inches to the left equates to a foul. All lessons learned by players from both 21 Mercer Mercenaries (in navy) and DonDidIt (in white) at the Nike Sportswear Stickball Tournament over the Easter Sunday just passed.

Roaring their teammates on, the first game ended in a tie at 8-8. An extra inning concluded the game to 21 Mercer Mercenaries when it scored a point in sudden death. As the second game got underway, DonDidIt was trailing behind by 2 when Scott Williams (PegLeg NYC) made a made dash for home plate. The result chalked up 1 more point for DonDidIt and a spectacular crash with our Freshness photographer behind the home plate. Despite the resolute effort, 21 Mercer Mercenaries maintained their lead and won the title with the score of 5-4.