Air Jordan I’m The Michael Jordan Of… T-Shirt | Available Now

By - April 12th, 2010

As human beings, we all have a natural inclination to strive beyond milestones set by the previous generations. Sometimes, they’re realistic goals, many times they’re not. Still, one could always dream. As a continuation of its “Be Like Mike” campaign, Nike set forth the “I’m The Michael Jordan Of…” t-shirt. A statement of proclamation to the world that you are as great as the basketball legend, even could best over him in the game of hoops? Hey a little daydream never hurt anyone…The Nike “I’m The Michael Jordan Of…” T-Shirt is available now at

Style: 388827-010
Color: Black/Varsity Maize

Kim Dottin
Kim Dottin

How much is it, to ship to Ontario Canada ?