Diesel x ARTOYZ x BUNKA – Limited Edition “Only The Brave”

By - April 19th, 2010

In collaboration with French toy company, ARTOYZ, and illustrator BUNKA, Diesel had released a limited edition of one of its latest men’s fragrances, “Only The Brave”. The limited edition perfume retains the masculine thump of a clenched fist but is given a playful pop twist by BUNKA. The artists adds cheerful yellows and bright pinks and loud slogans onto the fist, giving the stoic thump a voice of its own…albeit it’s quite a energetic and colorful one. The limited edition “Only The Brave” will be available through select perfumeries and Diesel retailers. These days, it’s not really about smelling like a man a la AXE (who needs to ride a horse backwards?), and for Diesel, it is about the long forgotten quality of bravery and chivalry.via: ARTOYZ