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By - April 19th, 2010

Fresh + Creative   ILoveDust

Produced by: Dan Hwang
Written by: Poe

The lovers of all things well designed.

Its very name extruded certain measure of fun and curiosity. Indeed, the original intents of Mark Graham and Ben Beach were to generate interest from potential clients. In ways, they got more than they bargain for…in a good way.

Trained in graphic designs and more, both Graham and Beach worked as freelance status for a number of years. And at every assignment, every project, both would hound people for more, just to get by. Then an idea, things would be easier if they combined their resources, so they thought. With the help of a backer, the duo decided on the captivated title head ILoveDust as their firm’s name. All went well…for first 3 months at least. Their backer pulled out. With no fixed list of clients or projects, they were in the red, quite literally. A doctrine learned during their times as “freelancers” was the unpredictability of the creative industry. That many times, a contract was a merely a piece of paper with ink on it. This in lulled to another tenet, be prepare for anything. And so, Graham and Beach “buttoned down the hatches” and kept the company afloat. During the process maxed out a few credit cards and took out new home mortgages. The question remain, with all the trials and tribulations, was it worth it?

There was no need of a reply, just a simple smiley icon. In the mere few years after that initial tale of struggle, ILoveDust grown to a cornucopia of designs in all facets of the creative industry. With 2 offices and an army of designers, it could list a range of works under the “belt of achievements”. This includes typeface, packaging, websites, illustrations, and more…, of course, not to mention the countless collaborations with Nike, including the Air Jordan x Levi’s and most recently, the animation for Nike Sister One. So yes, life is good at ILoveDust. Just don’t tell that to Mark Graham and Ben Beach, since the third doctrine they learned is “complacency = death”.

So for the second installment of Fresh + Creative, we would like to introduce the lovers of all things well designed, the UK-base creative agency ILoveDust and their extensive portfolio.

Fresh + Creative   ILoveDust

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