By - April 20th, 2010

Announced earlier this year, BAPE’s youngest baby ape, BABYMILO, will be joining the Japanese Sanrio family of cuddly critters. The adoption became official yesterday with the formal launch of the BABYMILO By Sanrio line of products. The baby of the BAPE family will now be featured on stationery, home goods, toys and accessories such as cellphone trinkets. Some interesting items we’ve spotted at the launch include tents, fold-up picnic tables and chairs. The new BABYMILO line is currently available for purchase at Sanrio stores in Japan. Meanwhile, to make the adoption official, Sanrio has added a special BABYMILO page detailing the stats (born on February 5), hobbies (likes singing and dancing to music), likes (bananas) and favorite article of clothing (a hat, so he can carry a banana on his head) of the little monkey friend. Check out BABYMILO’s character page here, and hopefully these will be making their way stateside soon.via: NIGO

anthony Hope
anthony Hope

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