Incase – Chrome Silder Cases – Spring 2010

By - April 21st, 2010

Incase   Chrome Silder Cases   Spring 2010

When the sun is shining so brightly in the sky, chrome and anything metallic just doesn’t seem quite cooling…since metals are good conductors of heat. So, these Incase Chrome Slider Cases come as a surprise as they are tinted ever so light in shades that are just gorgeous for summer when it seems like perforation would be the only way to go… The new Chrome Slider Cases from Incase feature a new hardshell construction that is only 1mm thick but comes with rubber guardrails for shock absorption. They come in three summer happy shades– pink, green and blue. The interior rubber guardrail is dressed in fluro shades that match the metallic exterior. Don’t worry, these cases may look gorgeously shiny, but they are definitely not metallic and will not steam your iPhone silly. Available now online at Incase.

Incase   Chrome Silder Cases   Spring 2010

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