Pyrenex Premium – Fall 2010 Collection

By - April 21st, 2010

Pyrenex Premium   Fall 2010 Collection

The puffy situation hasn’t been the same for a while now. Ever since Moncler revamped their designs and refreshed the brand with a new photographer (Bruce Weber) and a surge of high-profile collaborations (Pharrell Williams, Comme des Garcons…) the puffer is no longer just a simple hooded affair that is only fit for the streets. Following Moncler’s footsteps, heritage French down company, Pyrenex, has recruited designer Alexis Mabille to reprise the puffer and push the design envelop on the winter staple, formall fit for the slopes and are nothing close to being chic.

This year, after Alexis Mabille was named creative director for Pyrenex, he launched a new premium line, the Pyrenex Premium, which is more outrageous and unrestrained in terms of design, and definitely pushing the puffer to a new high fashion status. Taking inspiration from classic outerwear silhouettes such as the biker jacket, biker vest and the cape/poncho, Mabille goes the distance with bright colors, reflective materials and brings a new dose of energy and humor to the puffer family.

A generous of materials make up the new collection– fur, sequins, metallic parachute silk bring a new level of quality and depth to the puffy jackets. Mabille adds the right dose of exaggeration needed to stimulate and revive a winter classic, and the results are nothing short of metropolitan, creative and stunning.With Moncler and Pyrenex changing the puffer game, the down scene will never be the same again. (Caveat: Don’t blame us if you want to chuck your old puffers out now) via: BKRW

Pyrenex Premium   Fall 2010 Collection

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