Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by Don Paco Tirona

By - April 22nd, 2010

Don Paco Tirona created this beautiful Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke at 21 Mercer a few weeks ago and the inspiration came from tennis. Being one of Don Paco Tirona’s favorite sports he decided to use a tennis ball material on the upper of the Air Force 1 Bespoke. Additionally that bright Neon Yellow that is often the color of a tennis ball is used on the Swoosh and Air Force 1 iD MX midsole. This might be one of the better Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke’s to come out of 21 Mercer that uses a sport as a source of inspiration. via 21 Mercer


just wanted to further elaborate on my bespokes since i usually frequent freshnessmag on the regular as a fan. the white parts of the sneaker and the neon yellow swoosh are actually 3m. i wanted to simulate obviously the white tennis court lines and that when light or flash photography is used, it would reflect brightly, just like the championship trophy won at the u.s. open in queens. the subtle white contrast stitching also helps simulate the lines as well. the white on the tongue tab also simulates the top part of the net, which is why i had the tongue black mesh, to simulate the actual feel of the net. if you notice the top 2 eyelids are dark silver, that is supposed to represent the holes of the net's attachment to the ground posts of the tennis court. the white interior of the sneaker is made of sphere-dri fit material, to represent the performance aspect of the athletes playing the game. i had the laces green because i love having contrasting laces on all pairs of my kicks. my 2nd pair of laces that i've chosen (in the little bag between the pair) was the blue you see on the sneaker. i actually have 2 extra pairs of laces at home, both white and neon yellow to further add to this bespoke. the reason why i had the material mostly reverse suede was because it had the perfect hue to simulate the color of the tennis court, and that when photographed at different lighting stages, the hue would change as well, either coming off darker or lighter just like playing tennis at different times of the day. there were certain materials that i wanted to use but they didn't have available (yet), so i'll just save those ideas for another time. peace to everyone at NSW 21 mercer and iz for his valuable consultation and helping shape my ideas to reality. 1love ya'll