Element Skateboards – “Make It Count” – A Look Inside Bam Margera’s House

By - April 23rd, 2010

Yes, that’s right, it’s a vagina you see, and it is not only a symbol for sexuality and life, but also a reminder why we love The Selby so much and looking at the spaces creative types hold intimate and dear. As a part of Element Skateboard’s “Make It Count, The Element Story” film, photographer Amber B. Dianda visited Element team professional skateboarder-cum-TV personality Bam Margera’s home. Margera’s home is not just a space for rest, but it also has a video editing suite and a radio studio. Check out his collection of art, mural, decks, studio, a suit of armor and well, a tarp of a vagina looming from the ceiling. via: Street Level