Dickies 1922 Collection Launch | Event Recap

By - April 29th, 2010

Akin to awaking dormant ancient beasts, Dickies dusted off the mothballed corners of its Uvalde, Texas factory, one of label’s oldest production facility. The intent was a simple one, to revive its 1922 Collection. The task, however, was anything but. To recouped the authenticity from the original 1936 issue (a common misnomer, the 1922 Collection was first issued in 1936), the new collection will offer the same narrow loom, selvage 8.2 twill fabric, or the legendary Cramerton Army Cloth. The 2-ply, high count cotton yarn, was developed at the request of Philadelphia’s Quartermaster in place of existing standard issue fabric for the U.S. armed forces, when Cramerton Army Cloth met the criterias and won the order in 1933. Since then, the resilient twill saw all the actions of World War II, in addition to the supporting elements back home and the post war boom of the 1950s. As for the exact replicated construction of the 1936 issue, Dickies simply did a brief root-tapping and found 6 experienced operators to manage the limited production line in Uvalde.

All the efforts equate to a capsule collection of 4 definitive Dickies designs the Uniform Shirt, in short or long sleeve, and the Uniform Pant , in hemmed or cuffed. All warrant a close-up inspection for their finite details. For the Uniform Pants, its the tunnel belt loops and tailored waist bands, signatures of premium clothes. Added also, a watch compartment, reminder from a by-gone era. As for the Uniform Shirt, double needled seams for built and single stitched collar to minimize chaffing. One standout feature is the selvedge hem (selvedge was on both twill and denim before modernization of mills) on all 4 styling, a testament to 1922 Collection’s originality.

Organized and produced by EMEHT Agency, with assistance from BPMW, Dickies marked 1922 Collection’s official launch this past Tuesday in New York’s Hosfelt Gallery. A tie-in to the influence of classic American workwear to the contemporary music scene, the gallery hosted a brief photo exhibition, featuring photographers Peter Sutherland, Cheryl Dunn, Alessandro Zuek Simonetti, Andrew Dosunmu and Angela Boatwright, on subjects of a diverse range of music genres: Hisham Bharoocha (of Soft Circle), Iyadede, Paul Major (of Endless Boogie), Robert A.A. Lowe (of Lichens) and Dylan Brenner (of BYS). To envelope the audience members in the same ethereal elements of the photo themselves, the event also saw live performances by Cool Calm Pete (Peter Chung), bands Soft Circle and Endless Boogie. Dickies 1922 Collection will be available at very selected retailers, such as Unionmade of San Francisco, The Stronghold of Venice, CA, and Luther’s in Austin, TX, starting July 15th. Prices set around $175 for Uniform Shirt and $200 for Uniform Pants.