BAPE CAMOCOLLAGE 2010 | Behind The Scenes

By - April 30th, 2010

BAPE CAMOCOLLAGE 2010 | Behind The Scenes

This weekend marks the start of a surge of activities for Japan as it is the start of the Golden Week. In conjunction with the Golden Week, BAPE’s NIGO is holding his very own Golden Week with a roll of activities, and NIGO is getting all hands-on about it! First off, NIGO will be screen-printing shirts at different BAPE locations in Japan to celebrate his label’s 17th anniversary, but be fore that, NIGO will be opening the BAPE CAMOCOLLAGE 2010 Exhibition in Kyoto. NIGO has taken care to set up and prepare the exhibition himself, doing everything from stamping the canvas, hanging them, titling them, and making sure everything is executed to NIGO perfection. Check out the behind-the-scenes photos of NIGO prepping the space, and a quick preview of some exclusive items available at BAPE Kyoto! via: NIGO

BAPE CAMOCOLLAGE 2010 Exhibition

BAPE Gallery
2-33-3F Otabicho, Shimogyo Ward, Shijiodoori |  Map
Kyoto, Japan

Exhibition Dates: April 30th (Friday) May 16th (Sunday)

BAPE CAMOCOLLAGE 2010 | Behind The Scenes

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