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By - April 30th, 2010

If one has to survive in a post apocalyptic world, The North Face Standard would be the perfect place to stock up on survival essentials, and not to mention, one can probably reconstruct a lifestyle around it too, whether one has chose to reside in the mountains or somewhere else. However, since the doomsday 2010 concept is still somewhat questionable, for now hikers and mountaineers, urban crawlers and skyscraper scalers can turn to the newly opened The North Face Standard in Tokyo’s Shibuya for a Standard of Living Package.

The newly opened concept store is a four-storey venture, catering both lifestyle and technical, power consumers. Be it scaling Mount Kilimanjaro or simply grabbing a good wind-proof Gore-tex jacket for winter, The North Face Standard has something for every whim and need. The new store is not simply a space filled with goods, but a carefully curated and organized project. Each of the four stories are arranged and decorated according to a specific theme. The themes will change on a regular basis, and the fourth story of the store will be a special exhibition space designed for people/athletes/artists who share special relationships and connections with The North Face. They will be able to leave their messages and marks here, and contribute to a sense of community and art at The North Face Standard.

Thus far, the space has a rustic, unfinished and industrial look with stacks of boxes and and crates artfully arranged in a deliberate insouciance that really conveys the concept that it is the product and functionality which matters (though the space is definitely carefully designed).

Aside from catering to the power and technical users, the concept store will also carry special collaborations with contemporary fashion labels, bridging the gap between fashion and functionality, making the space accessible for the fashion conscious as well. Photos by Neil Hartmann.

The North Face Standard
6-10-9 Jingumae |  Map
Shibuyaku, Tokyo

Opening Date: April 29th (Thursday)


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