Deitch Projects – Shepard Fairey NYC Posters Release Line-Up | Event Recap

By - May 1st, 2010

Intermingled with thousands of tourist, a lively protest march for fair immigration law reform and street peddlers along Canal Street, gallery Deitch Projects welcomes its first of many customers at 1 PM this afternoon for Shepard Fairey‘s limited edition print poster. Over a hundred fans and collectors lined up along 18 Wooster Street, some waited since 7 AM this morning, all for the opportunity to purchase 1 of 7 prints. Despite of a sweltering 90-degree weather and announcement of certain editions sold out. Fans weren’t deterred a bit, insisted to wait on line till the very end. For those who could not attend the release today, Shepard Fairey commented recently on OBEY‘s website that another launch, this time on the its online store, is in the works for a latter date. Stay tune for more information to come in the near future.