adidas No. 74

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If you are looking to visit Berlin off the beaten path, and discover the hidden gems of bars, galleries and boutiques, steering far and away from the chains of H&M and golden arches, Torstrasse would be a good place to explore. Torstrasse is an up-and-coming area of Berlin formerly neglected and off the radar; however, the district has slowly been transformed into a center of coolness with a surge of eats, shops and fresh things to see. It on Torstrasse where adidas decided to open its first ever select shop, No. 74, three years ago.

Situated on No. 74 Torstrasse, the select shop is a destination of cutting edge sportswear, statement fashion and delightful, surprising designs. For the past two years, the space has not only purveyed the coveted and great, it has also been a collaborative space hosting installations with partners such as 032c, Uslu Airlines, and Cookies. This March, No. 74 has revamped its interior with the help of and Despite the graffiti encrusted exterior, the interior of the store is light and airy, providing an interesting juxtaposition to its surroundings. Cubes and Cuboids are made out of simple black tubing stacked with a clear glass top, and serve as displays for the goods. The store looks like an minimalist construction taken from Robert Morris' installation.

This season, the store has updated its inventory in March and now features the most hankered-after products from the adidas Originals, adidas Originals by Originals line, Y-3, adidas by Stella McCartney, adidas SLVR label and adidas Consortium--the limited edition sneaker range. Aside from these line-ups, the store has also been hosting a series of events and has become a prime gathering spot for the creative and fashion conscious. In April, The Third Wave, a collaboration between Y-3 and The Last Magazine, was held in store, and coming in May, No. 74 will play house to the adidas Originals Block Party with its neighbors, SoTo Store and Paul's Boutique. So, if you happen to visit Berlin this summer, do not miss out on the good things going in areas uncharted by your Lonely Planet guide and hang like the locals do (the cool ones, of course!) in Torstrasse.