The Selby – Philippe and Jasmine Starck

By - May 5th, 2010

The Selby   Philippe and Jasmine Starck

If you have been to 95 Wall Street in New York City, whether in attempt to secure a lease or just to visit a famous Philippe Starck building, you would know that feeling of recognizing something indescribably Starck. The dark opulent marbled interior is set off with interesting sculptural busts, chandeliers and intriguing paintings mirrors the peculiar twisted opulence in French industrial designer Philippe Starck’s work on products and spaces. And if you think 95 Wall Street or the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles are strange, amplify that uncanny feeling three0-fold (or more), and you can kind of grasp what Philippe Starck’s home in Paris is like.

The Selby visited one of the most sought after designers at his home in Paris (which he shared with his wife, Jasmine), and in usual Selby fashion, gave us a good peek into Starck’s space. And like his architecture and interior designs, his place is filled with enthralling knickknacks, and they are not just porcelain animals, but full-fledged stuffed bears. Yes, stuffed bears, and they come in Polar and Regular Brown colorways. Fueling the twisted fairytale atmosphere, the light-filled space is speckled with unicorn busts (once again, two colorways–gold and white), stuffed buffalo, paintings, pictures, scary clowns and enough candles to light up a small European village. Oh, and did we forget to mention, The Selby also caught a picture of the couple standing in their silver bathtub, each holding a walrus head and a crucifix? Not sure what the symbolism means? It’s okay, neither do we. But, do enjoy the pictures and if you are looking for interior decorating inspiration, this would be a great place to start.

The Selby   Philippe and Jasmine Starck

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