N*E*R*D x Asher Roth x MSFT KIN SPOT SF Popup Concert

By - May 11th, 2010

This past Saturday Microsoft KIN, sponsored two simultaneous concerts in San Francisco, one with Yeasayer and one with Asher Roth and N*E*R*D in unexpected popup locations. Yeasayer was at Longshoremen’s Hall, we were only able to stay for the sound check, while the N*E*R*D and Asher Roth show was at the large European Collision Center. For those who kept up with @freshnessmag on twitter and freshnessmag.com/live you’ve probably caught a few teaser photos (via the KIN phone) from the concert already and saw that we interviewed both Asher Roth and N*E*R*D (video coming soon).  Make sure to follow us on twitter and bookmark Live to get fresh updates. DJ Jus Ske warmed up the lucky attendees who got the secret location via the KIN’s Facebook Fan Page and both Asher Roth and NERD were amazing keeping the crowd on their feet all night. It was also a pleasure to meet the team behind Microsoft KIN. Much thanks to the KIN fam and JB for inviting Freshness out and hosting us!  Stay tuned for our interview with NERD and Asher Roth.

This weekend, KIN will be hosting three more KIN Spot events in NYC at secret locations featuring Passion Pit, The Black Keys and The Ting Tings, check facebook.com/kin for more details.  And the following weekend, KIN will host one more in a yet to be announced city.