Nike Athletic Training 2010 Media Showcase – Nike Football MRAP Armored Vehicle ???

By - May 15th, 2010

Go by the names of beasts and predators Cayman, Cougars, Buffalo… with its v-shaped hull and raw armor plating, these giants of the vehicular now roam the streets of Iraq and valley terrains of Afghanistan. Named the MRAPs, short for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected, military vehicles built to withstand everything thrown at them: mines, IEDs, RPGs, car bombs, and more… They are also credited for saving countless American military personnel since they introduction to both battlefields.

To emphasize the protective (and offensive) nature of the new Nike Pro Combat Collection, Nike Football rode into Oakland, California, on their very own MRAP this morning at the Nike Athletic Training 2010 Media Showcase and first qualify round for the SPARQ Rating National Championship in. Doubled cab, matte black adornment, riveted plating, stenciled tagline “Prepare For Combat”, along with a satellite dish to boot, the Nike Football MRAP Vehicle is closely relate to an actual MRAP, the International/Navistar MaxxPro, currently deployed in combat. Now it might not stop IEDs, but the Nike Football MRAP could definitely take a few blows to the body. Look for it at the a Nike Football Combine near you this Summer.