MSFT KIN Secret Pop-Up Concert Ft. The Ting Tings | Event Recap

By - May 16th, 2010

MSFT KIN Secret Pop Up Concert Ft. The Ting Tings | Event Recap

In the world of iPhones and Blackberries and Androids, it seems almost impossible for any other phones to get a foothold in the cellular market, but, Microsoft, with the gusto they once served for launching XBOX against the Sony Play Station, has tapped into the world’s social networking fevor and launched the only phone with a spot, the KIN. To celebrate the launch of the KIN which aims to be the friendliest, most sociable phone, Microsoft KIN is determined to connect with the crowd and is sponsoring a series of secret pop-up concerts for all. Last week, Asher Roth and N*E*R*D performed in San Francisco, and this past weekend, three secret concerts were held in New York City, all of which had their locations hidden from plain sight until four hours prior to the concert. On Friday, Passion Pit (the electronic band behind hit song “Sleepyhead”) took the city by a clandestine storm, and on Saturday, The Black Keys and the Tings Tings held stage. The Tings Tings performed at The Education Alliance on the Lower East Side and shook the full house down with a powerful live performance that paralleled, if not surpassed, their CD sounds.

Perhaps the Chinese sounding-name, the Ting Tings, doesn’t quite ring a bell, but there is no way anyone in tune with the internet, radio or television could have missed their sound. This UK duo manages guitar, drums, keyboard and vocals all by themselves, and have won the party sound waves over with “That’s Not My Name”, “Great DJ”, and “Shut Up and Let Me Go”. Championing a playful attitude of nonchalance and fun, Katie White and Jules De Martino unleashes their happy, amp-ed up sounds to the world that can only be described as a banging good time.

Check out the event coverage, the duo’s colorful styles (Katie was spotted with a pair of spotty pink Puma high-tops with matching knee-high socks) that matches their exuberant performance and phonics. If you didn’t find the Spot with the Ting Tings, enjoy the pictures from last night’s concert!
MSFT KIN Secret Pop Up Concert Ft. The Ting Tings | Event Recap

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