Nike Athletic Training 2010 Media Showcase – Jerry Rice & The Hill Training Session | Event Recap

By - May 17th, 2010

After another wholesome breakfast yesterday morning, staffers from the Nike Athletic Training Showcase bused the assembled media outlets to Edgewood, an hour south of San Francisco, for their very own Bay To Breakers run.  Also in attendance was the “trainer of the day”, the great, if not the greatest wide-receiver in football ever, Jerry Rice.

Though retired from professional football 5 years ago, Rice, now 47, still incredible agile and fit.  Much of it he credited to the intense training regiment during his years with the 49ERS and an unassuming trail in the Edgewood Nature Preserve.  Simply known to them as “The Hill”, the trail is deceptively level because the incline increases in gradation.  With a prior warning on no shame in walking the way up, Rice initiated a 10 laps brisk sprint with all the media reps.  By the 5th laps, the challenge of this little trail became more apparent.  Majority, with a few exceptions started to pace themselves till the end.  A brief intermission and Rice increased the intensity of the run. Participants now were to race each other 10 laps up, down the trail, with Rice led the pack once again.  It became quite apparent early on most would not finish.  Still, a few, including Matt Halfhill of NiceKicks, continued on.  In turn, earned a new nickname from Rice Big Sexy. Exhausted and spent, the group gathered for one last huddle with Rice before heading back to the hotel.