Nike Athletic Training 2010 Media Showcase Nike Training Product Overview @ The Zoo

By - May 18th, 2010

An old saying “No Matter How Much Things Change, They Stay The Same.” In ways, the statement is the perfect description for Nike Training and its products. While much of the technologies and designs have changed in the 27 years since Nike created the then new category “Cross Training”, the intent is the same to maximize each athlete’s full potential through training. The reason why the 6 tenets found on all of Nike Training footwear multi-directional flexibility and traction, forefoot security, lateral stability, support, fit and comfort, protection remained the same the last 3 decades. What has change, mentioned Nike Training Designer Jeff Rasmussen, is the offerings. To suit everyone’s needs, from professional athletes to weekend warriors, Nike Training devised a Strong to Speed guideline. Where the Strong category will provide comfort and protection, the Speed side of the spectrum is lightweight and responsive. Spanning the 2 poles are 5 models from Strong to Speed Trainer SC 2010, Edge TR, Trainer 1.2, Huarache TR, and finally Free TR.

In part to situate these footwear in a real world setting, Nike selected The Zoo Recording Studio as the place for the unveiling. An adobe-esque structure beneath the freeway overpass, The Zoo seen some of the best recording artists walked through its doors. However, it was the working of sound engineer Nike wanted to focus on. With so much snippets of sound, engineers’ tasks at hand were to balance all the elements and create that perfect song. Similarly, with limitless materials to work with, designers at Nike created that perfect synergy between the 6 tenets and factors of Strong to Speed.